Power Lead System: Endless Work from Home Opportunities

The Power Lead System is a novel ‘marketing system in a box’ that can be employed to promote any product, service or business. In addition, you can also profit from marketing the PLS Platform itself! It is easy, exciting, and works well for anyone who is looking for work at home employment. PLS gives you unmatched flexibility, lets you stay in complete control, and of course, delivers handsome earnings. In fact, you can earn up to 100% in commission. PLS system comes complete with marketing tools, capture pages, contact supervisor and a whole lot more.

Understanding the Power Lead System

PLS, an ideal solution for those who are searching for a rewarding work from home employment, is a powerful all-in-one marketing platform, loaded with numerous versatile and user-friendly features. The system has a simple interface which means that you don’t need to be tech savvy in order to use the features and tools it bundles. The aim of the platform is to enable businesspeople and budding entrepreneurs to easily access the tools necessary for the growth of their business.

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Traditional 100% Compensation Plans

The popularity of 100% compensation plans has been growing phenomenally since they first emerged back in 2011. Such plans owe much of their success to their design that encourages growth and supports your affiliate network, sustaining your monthly affiliate income. Most companies that make use of such a platform also include ‘pass-ups’ within the network. This implies that you have to pass up some of your affiliates to your sponsor. The model works superbly well despite any fears that you might harbour about ‘losing’ an affiliate. The PLS is an optimum presentation of this model.

PLS Compensation Plan: Accelerated Leverage

PLS represents a notable twist to the 100% compensation model. With PLS, you stand to receive commission for every single pass-up and earn 50% Matching Bonus on the entire pay line of everyone that you pass-up. This is not restricted to sales but covers the total pay line. For instance, if you pass-up someone who is earning $2500 ever month, you receive a residual check of $1250 on top of your weekly commission from direct affiliates.
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How to Access PLS?

In order to access the PLS Lead System, you need to be a registered member. You can enjoy your free trial that packages a funnel page to help you promote any program that you fancy. The best part: registration is absolutely FREE.

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